What are 3 things you wish you did from day one of being a developer?

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I am really curious to know about this one. As I am helping a few college passed out folks to get started. I will go first: 1. Show off your work 2. Write more blogs and posts 3. A Twitter account, please. If you don't have one, sign up and follow a bunch of cool developers, that helps.


Dimitris Karavias
3 things to do? Understanding these 3 things and repeating them to myself every day. 1. You work with other humans. The best way to advance in life is to elevate those around you. 2. Embrace that you will never know everything 3. Understand your role is solving problems which only sometimes require code
Ilia Pikulev
- Do not be afraid to break things (this way you learn how their components work); - Start building your code culture right now! (e.g. stick to the same casing style, naming patterns, etc.); - If a thing seems complicated, do not forget to make a manual for yourself (or at least keep the links);