What app do you use to create video of your product ?

Arthur Coudouy
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Hey PH community, Everything is in the title, I'd like to create a demo video of my product for an upcoming launch, what do you guys use ? I'm looking for something more advanced than a simple Loom Thanks!


Eugenia Russell
That is a very interesting question. Thank you. I have not used such software myself as I prefer to employ a professional camera person if I need such work. Having said that, I understand the professional standard is probably Final Cut Pro in terms of editing. It can edit Quick-Time compatible format.
Oleksandra Zubal
We used https://www.animaker.com/features. We used templates but we received feedback that it was boring. So we went to a Star Wars theme - https://starwarsintrocreator.kas.... Also not that clear. So we decided to wait until we have a clickable demo of the product and create video based on the it.
Arthur Coudouy
@alex_z5 yeah I'm more looking on easy tool to create videos more than templates but thanks for your inputs !
Domhnall O' Hanlon
What sort of product are you trying to demo @arthurcoudouy (and why does loom not suit you needs?) Is there a video here on Product Hunt that you could point to and say "I want something like that!" ?
Arthur Coudouy
@domhnall_o_hanlon I'd like to find a video editor where I could integrate a loom recording for example. @David_babins gave great tools, I'll look into it. If you have any other advices, feel free to share
OBS Studio to record screen and Kdenlive to edit.
Adrian Topka
I think Loom is great for this! https://www.loom.com Hint: If you want to record the iOS app demo, now you can do this directly from the simulator (finally 😅)
Arthur Coudouy
@adrian_topka thanks! But I was looking for an online video editor in fact to edit loom's recordings for example :)
Ramon Mendez
Have you tinkered with Video Leap?