We made it halfway through the year! What's your biggest learning from the past 6 months?

Audrey Rampon
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As a Product Maker/Hunter or Start-up team member, what's the biggest or most enjoyable learning or achievement you can think of? Let's inspire each other! Enjoy your summer everyone!


Vijay Tiwari
How do I add a maker to a post?
Vijay Tiwari
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Gleb Braverman
Our launch at Gossip (https://thegossip.app) is the biggest achievement so far in 2021
Alex Goff
Learning: if you think your flow is clear it is not. Show it to people. Achievement: quitting work to focus on my side project www.everyhour.xyz !
Alex Goff
@audrey_rampon Thanks Audrey - its a big jump but I am so motivated that I can help others with it because it has done so much for me already! I really respect my time now and really optimise it to do things I love - not things that pacify me!
Alex Goff
@audrey_rampon I just checked out Kosmo too - you have made a beautifully simple product! I really struggled with time blocking - any tips?
Audrey Rampon
@acgoff Thanks Alex, I'll pass the nice feedback onto the team :) KosmoTime is actually made for time blocking. It's quite intuitive, you block time directly in your calendar for any task. You can also create Focus Blocks: simply batch similar tasks together for a better time and task management. And you can also make those Focus Blocks recurring.
Alex Goff
@audrey_rampon Yeahh I really struggled with sticking to the plan. I would find I wasn't in the right frame of mind to code or do design or write copy, so it kinda fell apart. Thats why I built everyhour as it is retroactive, I work on what I want to when I want to and I review if I am spending enough time in those areas - that way when I am motivated I dive in as I know what I need to focus on. Any tips for sticking to your time blocking schedule?
Jeremy Bradley
The effects of Covid are still present, and I'm sure others, like myself, have found the first half of 2021 challenging from a marketing and communications standpoint. One of the biggest lessons learned (which is really just reiterating what I already knew) is to be authentic, engage in storytelling, and try to focus on community rather than 'sales'.
Andrew Isherwood
Biggest learning: Sales is really hard
K Singh
Intensive dive into Modern C++
Erica Lanyon
That difficult times really show people's true colors.
Andrew Isherwood
Team centric planner for flexible working
Kindness can go a long way to build relationships. Be kind to one person every day.
Brendan Russell
Having a great team/friends around you is so important in every aspect of life.
1. I understood that to develop a new habit, I need a lot of clarity as to why Im doing it. It took me close to 3 months to just commit to it. 2. As a startup founder, as I went down the rabbit hole of understanding the problem Im trying to solve, I realized that I can approach different segments of a person's life. Creating a wholesome product to solve a deep problem takes more than a few months. It needs commitment, patience, steady work and strategy.
To progress everyday no matter what or how small are the changes we make. It's a process ongoing.
The key to success is focus and faith wetech.com.vn
Saurav Chaudhary
We grow and learn daily. Every moment in this virtual era is a learning. You step back, think and move forward :)
biggest learning: cut loses at the right time
Alice Rodgers
Do not be shy when looking for a hunter(:
Allan Bonnette
I have gathered knowledge to grow a SAAS startup. Trying to get first 10 customers within a week.
I'm developing https://copywriterpro.ai in public. The most valuable lesson I've learned over the last six months is that a product can be replaced, but communities and trust, not so much.