We are live on Product Hunt | Habitate

Varalakshmi Dwarakanath
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Hello folks, What is so special about launching Community based product on Jan 24 and why this day? Could not think of a better day than Jan 24, for us to launch because it is Community Managers Appreciation Day. Wishing all the community builders a very happy CMAD, 2022. Team Habitate has been preparing, brainstorming and deciding how we should tell who we are to the world. And settled on, just tell who we are like the way we are. Now, on the launch day, we as a team are quite excited to see what people feel about Habitate. Wish us luck.


Bogomil Shopov - Бого
Good luck and then share some numbers on how it went :)
Nice congrats 🙌 Can you add the direct link in your description? This way it's we can immediately click to check it out.
Daniel Leal
Good luck and hope it is a great success!!!
Mayank Bishwas
Hey, Varalakshmi! Congrats on the launch!