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Varalakshmi Dwarakanath
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Routine is the next stage of habit. Over a period of time, your repeated actions become involuntary actions. Just like you wake up and brush your teeth. 🪜 + + This is the stage where participation takes more space than showing up. What are some tips to convert habit into a routine within the community? ✅ . . a. Reinforcing the thought of members who are along with them in that journey. 🧒🏻👩🏻 b. Create touchpoints for recurring meetups and conversations so that it paves way for the habit to routine transition 🔁 c. Have small goals to achieve bigger goals and appreciate when the small goal is achieved ⌛️ . . Bringing something into routine needs lots of repeated practice, internal and external motivation and a chain of recognition factors that create a domino effect. . . The most satisfying outcome is moving to the next step and the best motivation is members who travel along with us in this journey. They become your companion, Guru or even someone who motivates you to do better. Social proof. . . One of my favourite features is the ability to view a list of participants participating in the community activity added to the Community Calendar at Habitate 🗓️ PS: Recurring events is going to be another feature coming soon 😁 #community #routine #calendar #Habitate #reward #recurring
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