Yay! Successfully launched Habitate on Product Hunt

Varalakshmi Dwarakanath
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What an amazing experience! Special thanks to Sharath for hunting Habitate. And to all the folks in Product Hunt. #4 Product in Product Hunt 280+ Upvotes 85+ Comments We just cut a cake to celebrate this win! Thanks for the support and love. You can find us on Product hunt here https://www.producthunt.com/post...


Varalakshmi Dwarakanath
@5harath Thank you for hunting Habitate @deepak09 We did it! It was a great experience
Dawn Veltri
Congrats! Our team really loves your video. How much traffic did you get to your site?
Maxwell Davis
@dawn_veltri1 Totally agree the video is really good - hope that it gets remembered for the Golden Kitty Awards next year!
Varalakshmi Dwarakanath
@dawn_veltri1 Guess around 1k plus for the 2 days! Thank you so much. We took 1000s of references but we felt let us do it our way and looks like it turned out well
Varalakshmi Dwarakanath
@maxwellcdavis Thank you so much! 🤩 Hopefully, fingers crossed