Time to boast your keyboard shortcuts knowledge ⌨

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Knowing keyboard shortcuts is literally a super-power. I have been trying to avoid the mousepad and use shortcuts wherever possible. For the last few days, I've got habitual to (⌘ + π—’π—½π˜π—Άπ—Όπ—» + π—Ÿπ—²π—³π˜/π—₯π—Άπ—΄π—΅π˜ π—”π—Ώπ—Ώπ—Όπ˜„) for shuffling through Brave tabs. It's super convenient! Share your favourite keyboard shortcut or a productivity hack shortcut that very few people know πŸ˜‰


Alex Styl
It really depends on what editor/app I am using, but here is one for any app on the mac: Pressing (⌘ + ~) switches between windows of the same app. I tend to use that a lot especially when I want to browse windows side by side. Most other non-app specific shortcuts I use are about moving windows around using Magnet for Mac.
Michael Silber
@alexstyl Yes, "⌘ + ~" or "⌘ + Tab" are my go to shortcuts. Similarly, I use shortcuts for Rectangle to quickly move around and resize my screen
@alexstyl super helpful! @product_at_producthunt I, too, use ⌘ + Tab a lot and wow, Rectangle is such an amazing find for me. Gonna use it :)
Paul Lee
Gmail shortcuts. Turn on keyboard shortcuts in settings, and press "?" in Gmail to get a cheat sheet. Saves a ton of time!
Paul Lee
@zyqxd Yeah, @bling0 gave me that tips years ago.
@zyqxd @bling0 @pakile hack that no one talks about 😭 Going to GMail setting right away.
Alfred does a lot of work for switching between apps, files, and searching google. If possible, I'd like to find a hotkey for switching between mac workspaces / monitors (and have it focus on first app on the space). That would almost completely eliminate the need of a mouse!
@zyqxd Alfred is a life saver for sure! @chrismessina is an Alfred OG. What's your fav shortcut?
On firefox : ⌘ + Maj + T reopen the last closing tab. So u-s-e-f-u-l-l. πŸ‘€
David J. Kim
F6 on Windows immediately selects your browser link bar so you can paste something on it. Shift + Esc can also bring up Chrome's built in task manager.
@between_team Ohh wow! That direct browser link bar hack is superb... πŸ™
Adithya Shreshti
Wow! I didn't know this brave shortcut at all @adityavsc - Thanks for sharing, tried it before typing this comment ;) My keyboard shortcut that has become a productivity hack is "Shift (+) >" on Slidepad. Such a crazy timesaver to slide notes, WhatsApp, Slack, Asana or anything else right over other windows for quick glance or communication.
@adithya Just learning new things everyday :P Btw, I did not know about Slidepad 😭 Just checked (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) and it is just too good. Thank you so much for this :)
Kiran Kanakadandi (yugahq.com)
Apart from the core OS shortcuts on a Mac, a grossly underrated feature is text-replacements. Typing "##" pastes my Zoom link, ### my calendly. @@ my email. You can set this for any kind of text. Gmail -- all the default ones -- c for compose, / for search are great, gi for inbox, gt for sent, for instance; additionally I configured s to snooze, A for archive Special call out: ⌘+opt+shift+v -- paste to destination format. @adityavsc -- no ctrl-tab?