There is room for a new kind of vehicles - bigger than bikes but smaller than cars ones

Kacper Raubo
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Two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles are incredible - they made that any short and medium distance on the Earth does not matter. Thanks them anyone, who owns one, can get from A to B relatively fast, in relatively comfortable and safe way. Nevertheless, they both are not perfect -- the former are totally weather-dependent and the latter still, in most cases, are harmful to the environment and depend on finite resources. That is exactly why I believe that there really is the room for a new vehicle on the automotive market. A vehicle, which, exactly like tablets among smartphones and laptops, will give more comfort than the smaller and more freedom than the bigger.


Hi Kacper, Do you have an idea of how they might look and function?
Kacper Raubo
@w_j, well, I think its look could be similar to those:, or They are a kind of a bicycle, but with an electric motor.
@raubo Interesting. So far the range is modest and you won't be able to pack 4 kids in there, but maybe future projects will match the functionality of cars :)
Kacper Raubo
@w_j, you are right. Nevertheless, according to my theory, the vehicle’s purpose is to enable more comfortable and safe moving short distances, i.e. to create an alternative to bikes. Hence, in fact, the range do not have to be enormously large and its packing capacity do not have to go beyond two persons.
Kacper Raubo
@w_j, what do you think?
@raubo What I like about cycling is that I don't have to stand in traffic jams. But mobbike on the other hand has an electric motor which sometimes gives it an advantage over the bike.
It all comes back to safety at the end of the day. Noone wants to be on city roads in something this small when normal sized cars are in front, behind, and next to them. No matter how safe they make them, the mass of a 2-3 ton object hitting a few hundred pound mini-car will always win out. That being said, the safety issues become less relevant when 99% of the cars on the road are self driving. We may see some new sizes emerge when "dangerous humans" are no longer in control of the safety.
David Babins
Always, keep an open mind to fresh new ideas and unlimited opportunities, including world-wide possibilities... Always be brainstorming etc... :) https://www.howwemadeitinafrica....
Michael Barlow
Well, let's say there are three-wheeled vehicles. They are a scooter in the front and a car in the back. This is what people in Asian countries use to get around. They have very crowded roads, and they are more comfortable.
Tony Brooks
I think the optimal solution is electric cars. They don't pollute the environment, you don't have to spend money on fuel. Right now they cost more than internal combustion engines. But that will change over time. I hope so.
Felix Donovan
The smallest cars: Fend Flitzer - late 1940s sidecar Messerschmitt Kabinenroller Brütsch Mopetta Mitsuoka MC-1 Peugeot VLV Comuta Tango T600 Lumeneo Smera
I agree that cars should be environmentally friendly. But I also respect aesthetics and comfortable living so I would like to see more cars like Tesla or other chic electric cars on the streets. Yes, they're expensive, but they're much better quality and require rarer auto detailing, plus they're simply gorgeous. Besides, it would be nice if there were more high-speed trains and subways. And in general, I'd just like more electric cars, even if they're not fancy, and fewer petrol/gas cars.
Allyson Carter
I've tried such 4 wheel bike in Berlin last year (at as far as I remember) and I really liked it. I do think that there's an open market for this type of vehicle. I really love this CityQ model
Max Velin
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James Salli
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Killer Frost
While it is true that larger wheels are more difficult to push but accelerate a vehicle more quickly, most cars use gearing to achieve any desired overall ratio (the ratio of the speed of the engine to the wheels). This eliminates the need to address the problem. Cars often have smaller wheels because larger wheels occupy space that may be used for passengers or luggage. Small wheels have the drawback of providing a harsher ride, although cars have sophisticated suspension to counter this. Very basic suspension is frequently absent from bicycles. Source:
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It's true that two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles have greatly improved our ability to travel short and medium distances quickly and comfortably. However, as you noted, both types of vehicles have their limitations and drawbacks, including weather-dependency and environmental impact. There is certainly room for innovation in the automotive industry, and the development of a new type of vehicle that provides more comfort and freedom could be a welcome addition. Many companies are already exploring alternative forms of transportation, such as electric cars, hybrid vehicles, and even self-driving cars. In order for a new type of vehicle to be successful, it would need to address the limitations of existing modes of transportation while also providing clear benefits to consumers. This could include improved efficiency, greater safety features, and increased environmental sustainability. As technology continues to advance and new innovations emerge, it's possible that we will see new types of vehicles that meet these needs in the future.