We should categorize software in a different way

Kacper Raubo
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Rather than treat each app as a different software, we should focus on the tool itself and treat all apps from within the same category just as its various interfaces. This way, rather than categorize them by an industry - "music", "medical" or "lifestyle", we should do this by the work they do, i.e. "music player" for music streaming services, "movie player" for those that stream videos and "word processor", "graphics editor" or "project manager" for those that, respectively, enable to process text, edit a graphics and manage a project.


Fully agree on this one ! we need a panel to discuss this further !
David Mungai
@yasminak you should check out our demo, your reply prompted me to build it, https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Sini Katariina
If this has not already been done, here in this community for example would be a good idea besides that , to categorize the products also whether they are planned for businesses or consumers and put an exact category when launching a new one. It will help find products.
Roman Vorozhtsov
Absolutely! This is what we do on our software search project (install.download). I am interested in your opinion, how do you like our categories?