The way producers have to direct users to download their app is messy

Kacper Raubo
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The fact that on a website, where the app is being introduced, they have to place several links to various stores, in case of each of producers, locating them in different parts of the site, using different designs, makes the process of getting the app very chaotic and non-intuitive for users. Whereas it may indeed be right that each operating system has its own installation interface, in my opinion, there should be just one, central space with software, which is responsible for directing to a proper one, optionally, if using such an interface is not required, enabling to download the app directly from there.


Joe Schmitt
Could not agree more with this. I like using boostrap cards (see example at ) and I make the heading the OS/platform, some text (requirements, install instructions, pricing?, etc.) about that particular instance and a button that either downloads directly, redirects to a store or has a popup that shows the multiple options if supported (downloads and store).
Kacper Raubo
@bob_calypso, great solution Joe. Nevertheless, what I am thinking about is that each website implements its own design system, placing the download button in various parts of the page or even on various sub-pages. This is what makes the non-intuitiveness for users, who go throught several different ones and on each have to find the download section. That is the point.