The perception of marketing is broken

Dmitriy Dubovetzky
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Foreword This post may sound like a little bit of self-promotion, and to some extent it is. Originally I've written it as a manifesto for my project Marketing No More, but the idea that I want to convey should be responded to by indie makers. The perception of marketing is broken Some founders think that they need only to get a product of the day on PH, some that they need SEO because “it`s free and it scales” or that they need a strong Twitter and LinkedIn account to sell. But what you really need is to find a repeatable, scalable growth channel that returns $2 or more for every $1 they put in — Dragoș Bulugean, founder of archbee. Marketing turned against you Marketing is an integral part of any business, but often it becomes a stumbling block and the cause of its collapse. Now the noise level is so high that it becomes difficult to get attention, and it is not enough to sometimes post a little content here and there. Sometimes founders resort to the decision to do marketing weeks or marketing days, but this may not be enough either. Instead of figuring out how to find keywords for the next blog post and thinking about how to get that new spike of traffic, you should focus on what you doing best — building your product. And you deserve the right tools and services you can use to do so. That's us, that's Marketing No More. We're fixated on marketing automation You are on a way to finding a growth channel that returns $2 or more for every $1 you put in and we can`t do it for you, because your product and your vision are unique. But what we can do is provide a set of tools and services you can use to find this channel much faster. We`ll help you get there. Here you can check what I'm trying to build —


Paul VanZandt
I'd be interested in how you find those channels, if that's unique and effective then you may have something here. Thanks for sharing! If you're interested, we just launched today and would love your support: