The most important thing at the workplace that has helped your employees boost their productivity ?

ayush gupta
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My answer would be : Just a bean bag. It helped two of them become more comfortable while doing their task. Small things bring in big change 😊


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When I invested in a SaaS Application called Qinaps I was able to automate a major part of my startup and this has really helped me in my increasing the productivity of my work and my team.
@sordit_digital Great , what was Qinaps about ?
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The coffee machine.
@fabian_maume Coffee breaks are a major requirement ! TBH The caffeine hit increases my typing speed 😂
Actually - ability to have short sleeping nap helps)
@tasha_dziatkovskaya Every startup should incorporate this, the feeling of resting for a while boosts productivity a lot !! I think There should be a CSO ( Chief Sleep Officer ) to manage the naps 😊
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TMetric - a time tracking app. Once adopted, my team and me save our time by having all tasks and to-do lists online, by seeing into the time spent and analyzing it for better workload optimization and efficiency, by monitoring the activity and managing our time off online.
@soylakate Yes definitely , time tracker works real good , especially the WFH culture has helped us adopt one ! 👍