What was / is your user onboarding strategy ?

ayush gupta
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User downloads / opens your app , what are the steps you took to retain him / her ?


Alice Rodgers
Conduct as many demos as possible to convince target users (B2B, C-levels), also inbuilt onboarding on the platform
Alice Rodgers
@gupta_ayushh ahaha) did you have cases when customers were using another platform?
ayush gupta
@cn__katie Yes definitely Katie, as ideas are formed everyday , there are eventually 1000 others doing the similar thing, Startup is just about the extra element you bring that is different from your competitors and which give you the added advantage. Example : Despite Facebook having space to upload photos, Instagram was just an addition which gave users a slight different model of uploading and viewing photos and it gained the audience.
Gleb Braverman
Push notifications
Sarabeth Jaffe
- Low barrier to sign up - Clear instructions on how to start on site - Nudge email after 3 days after inactivity - Nudge email 7 days after inactivity - Check in on user by checking where they are in the process based on event triggers, write email directly to them.
Eivind Håverstad
@saritheberri Totally agree with you bullet points. About the email nudge - I’ve found valuable tips with The Dinner Party Strategy by Val Geisler. A strategy for email onboarding. https://www.valgeisler.com/tdps/
N Chandrasekhar Ramanujan
We've put together a small playbook of everything we've learnt while building Pause. Our first chapter on Onboarding is now live. Check it out here: https://getpause.com/playbook/