The future of social networks

Nurlan Nurmanov
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Share what the current social networks lack and how to fix it.


Gleb Braverman
Hey Nurlan! That's a great question and something we think deeply about at Gossip ( - our product allows users to create and share voice stories that expire every 7 days. We strongly believe current social networks lack ownership - usually users don't own the content, followers etc. Also, it's very tough for content creators to generate revenue outside of ad based solutions. Our team is working on both aspects.
Nurlan Nurmanov
@gleb_braverman Hi Greg, I visited your site, the idea is awesome. It indeed is much easier to share voice message instead of typing. I see the next social network as the platform that helps to create value for each member. How are you going to monetize and will the members get % of the revenues?
Nurlan Nurmanov
@gleb_braverman btw do you have an API? I am thinking about using voice messages for my next project.