What are your most important competitive advantages?

Nurlan Nurmanov
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As an organization becomes larger, you may notice growing issues with your product support, CX/UX matters. There are multiple reasons. They originate from e.g. organizational structure, cultural differences, or financial capabilities. And you as a founder should start thinking about it as early as possible. Let me shed some light. I am involved in a big migration project, where we are working hard to move a dozen of products to a new version of the platform. Except for a few bugs, everything was moving smoothly. Until this had to happen, one day the end-users started complaining. The feature which was available in the old version was not available in the new version and, as usual, this feature was identified to be critical in their day to day life. The project team opened a ticket with the vendor and we got a surprising answer from their development team. They say that the feature was identified as a bug (not vice versa, surprise!!!) and they fixed it! In other words, they simply removed the feature. Hundreds of users are now complaining and I wonder why did they make such a decision to remove the existing feature? Did they interview the users? Something tells me that 90% of our users would vote to leave the “bug” as is, while 10% remaining being out on vacation. The big enterprise vendors think that the sun rotates around them, the startups can’t afford such a behavior. Create an awesome product and work on improving CX/UX and providing killer support. IMO, for startups, these are your most important competitive advantages. The rest comes naturally.
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