How to find an idea for a startup

Nurlan Nurmanov
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If you are looking for an idea for a startup, start by studying the existing ones. While studying, ask if it is possible to adapt the idea to your local market, to different target customers, or improve code quality, change the business model. Here is a list of places: 1. I'd like to start with Microacquire. It may not be as popular as ProductHunt, but here you shall see the revenue info, which means you can assess if you can make money out of the idea; 2. Any startup's list won't be complete without ProductHunt, be active on ProductHunt, study the top startups, see what people love; 3. Here is a Reddit subreddit to see what people working on as a side project 4. Twitter is one of the best places to learn about startups. Here is a thread on Saas startups: 5. If you are aiming at something heavyweight, here is the list of YC companies 6. Some more places to see for inspiration: Indiehackers, TechCrunch, AppSumo or add what's missing.
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