Tell us instances when you were so delighted that you reached out to the founders to appreciate them

Kapil Gadhire
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If not done already, take this as an opportunity to thank them and let others know about them too! :)


Dawn Veltri
This is a great question. I'm going to check back in for the answers.
Peter Griscom
Really happy with @viralloopshq so we connected with them and let them know how much we loved their product. They were gracious and helpful - truly a class team.
Whenever I use a new product I always like to check out the team on LinkedIn. How long the company has been active, the founder's past experiences, employee growth and first hires, etc. It is really interesting to see the growth progress of companies I enjoy, and almost always find certain similarities across all of these founders (regardless of niche). Depending on size, most founders are happy to chat about what they are doing, challenges they've faced, and what is next, and I am just as happy to offer any referrals or networking opportunities that may fit within their wheelhouse. A great exercise and beneficial for everybody
Rushikesh Kavathekar
The most under-appreciated Employee of the company is the founder. I am just laughing at myself while reading this question. It's pretty obvious to expect every right thing from the founder, but that's not the reality. They are also human and need appreciation. Thus, Once a week, I go to the founder's office and we discuss, about every aspect of the decision made by us as a team and then, we celebrate the moment together and also, sometimes we planned surprises for our founder on the special occasion.