Tell a curiosity about yourself. 👾 Let's get to know each other a little better.

Carmen Jiménez
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Tell the rest of makers something curious or strange about yourself. Let's have a fun day getting to know each other!


Ani Buendía
I need to have my desk as clear as possible, if there is something that should not be there I can't work, I lose my concentration.
Carmen Jiménez
@design_byaniceto So you are a "tidy freak" haha
Julia Doronina
@copybycarmen the off-topic question, could you please share, how to post gifs in comments? 😅
Carmen Jiménez
@julia_demyanchuk Sure! I will reveal my magic secret to you
Carmen Jiménez
@julia_demyanchuk You just have to: 1- Go to 2- Look for a gif you love 3- Copy the link they give you (the one that start with 4- Tadaaa! When you post any comment the gif will show Try to use one replying me :)
Inna Proshkina
@julia_demyanchuk you need to embed an HTML code for that. For some reason I couldn't just copied it here, it was cut out, but you can find the hint on the bottom right corner of the page when you start a new discussion.
Linda Liepa
What a great initiative! I always carry extra tea bags with me as you never know when tea o'clock appears. P.S. I'm not British :D
Carmen Jiménez
@linda_liepa OMG I used to do that in college! (but don't anymore :( ) Tea lovers know that any occasion can be a good time to have a tea 😂
Carmen Jiménez
Some curiosities about myself: - 🐉 I'm learning Chinese (and I love Chinese culture) - 🛋 My fav place to work is in a couch - 🏋🏼‍♀️ I need to go to the gym or move around to stay productive - 📝 Unpopular fact: I love to take notes and underline my reading books
Ruben Wolff
Hi there! I'm moving so much I don't always know how to answer the questions asking me where I live and where I am from
Alice Rodgers
- What music do you want to listen to while working? - silence, I want to listen to silence
If I'm sad, a coke is all that I need to be happy again
Anton Ross
I'm from Russia. I left my job a year ago and started my own project. It was difficult on my own, but I was able to start earning a decent income, higher than at work. Now I have decided to try myself on the foreign market, I spent 1 week translating the editors and the start pages of the project, now I am preparing to launch on Product Hunt. If you have a desire to help the lone Ranger, please rate the level of my translation to I would be grateful)
Sofia Polonska
I do a lot of kiteboarding and sometimes there is a sand at my working desk when i have no time to visit home after kite session)
Carmen Jiménez
@tasha_dziatkovskaya Really? Never tried kiteboarding but that sounds amazing. However I have experience going to the beach and I know that sand is like glitter, once you touch it, it never disappears 😂
Ryan A. Hamilton
I Love to Read out Super Positive Affirmations! We Are What We Think :)