Teams for testing a platform

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Hi, hunters! I work as a marketer at ReSkript ( Our platform is helpful for increasing teams' productivity. It provides a collaborative workspace that includes: - Easy document editing and sharing; - Integrated communication functions like chats; - Projects, a function that makes team collaboration even easier; - Fast & easy invitation system. We are building an all-in-one platform for various types of teams. We are looking for teams from different backgrounds that are willing to try something new and improve their productivity. If you are looking for a collaborative tool right now or just want to try our platform, please, feel free to contact me here or via email: or Linkedin: Talk to you soon, Daria


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Discord or Slack + Notion
Atul Ghorpade
Good to know this. Btw, any hiring going on?
@atulghorpade Are you interested in trying out our platform? As for hiring, it is not going on right now.