Such a cool opportunity! FREE Product Management course ๐Ÿ“š

Lisa Dziuba
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Great chance for makers, designers, developers, product marketers, who want to learn Product Management. Folks whom I follow on Twitter announced yesterday a free Product Management program. Usually, PM courses will cost you $4 000, this one is 0 ๐Ÿ‘‰


Lisa Dziuba
The course will have: - 8 weeks of learning - product instructors from Netflix, Indeed, Razorpay, Swiggy, Bumble, - office hours & product teardowns - certification + job opportunities
Lisa Dziuba
I don't know the makers of this program personally but I appreciate what they are doing for the community.
Savian Boroanca
@lisadziuba this is amazing, I look forward to learn more about it. ๐Ÿ‘
Lisa Dziuba
@savian_boroanca happy you liked it? btw, are you building community for your product?
Matt Spear
Sweet โ€“ I signed up ๐ŸŽ‰
Joshua Dance
Interesting. Is the 'apply' just to make you feel special? Or will the reject candidates?
Lisa Dziuba
@joshdance I asked the course makers if they have some limitations for the amount of students. They told me โ€œno limitationsโ€.
Lisa Dziuba
@joshdance I guess itโ€™s logical to have some applications review process. So people who take the program will benefit from other participants
Sandeep Talukdar
I've signed up for this! Excited to learn :) Just wondering if this is open for all or there's some sort of shortlisting. I'm sure there must be a huge number of people who signed up for this.
Lisa Dziuba
@sandeeptalukdar I will ask the makers of the course
Alice Rodgers
Cool) signed up)
Subin Heo
Thank you so much for introducing valuable opportunity! Signed up right away.
Mary Scotorenko
Thanks for sharing the course, Lisa!
Kaden Holden
Thanks for this, will sign up!
mahadeep Ray
There has been a spike in PM aspirants. I am sure many must have signed for this course.
Lisa Dziuba
@mahadeepray have you seen someone winning those cources?
Lisa Dziuba
@mahadeepray seriously, with hundreds of ppl who want to start in PM, only a few will have an extra $4000. But, yeah, nice that Product School will give 2 of courses for free. If 1000 people took part in the competition to win, 2 are lucky while 998 are excluded. Just my opinion
mahadeep Ray
@lisadziuba Product School is a big brand. I am sure if they have said that 2 courses will be free..they will fulfil their commitment. Also probability of winning will be around 1/50k.. No harm in trying hands in the raffle tough.
Lisa Dziuba
@mahadeepray well, itโ€™s a great opportunity. Product School is also releasing a lot of cool videos for free, which is nice for the community
Lisa Dziuba
@mahadeepray have you see that Product School has made a free source?
Abdur Rouf
Just signup here. Hope for the best
Sofia Polonska
Such a cool opportunity )) really. Course starts 1 of August. Great!
Jerry Oginni
I'm wowed about this opportunity, what's a way to dive into a productive year. Big-time appreciation to the organisers.