Solving multiple problems or solving one problem to the best of your ability (the SaaS edition)

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I see so many SaaS companies who want to solve EVERY problem. Take Hubspot or Clickfunnels, or Kartra these are companies trying to be your landing page builder, CRM, email automation, EVERYTHING. Offering an entire ecosystem. This makes me wonder what would you choose? A CRM that is just that or one that offers everything but compromises a little on the quality?


Prateek Mathur
You choose what you need today but what can scale with you as you grow
Grisel Dugarte
For me depends as Prateek mentioned on a minimum long term vision. Deciding a platform also make us think about the possibility to change it later on, the migration barriers... It is nice to have one platform for each issue with great quality, but I also feel is overwhelming how many signups, platforms we use daily for our basics. And of course there is also how much money is possible to spend by department...
Fabian Maume
Important point: SaaS which trial to solve everything did not start there. Early stage start-up need to focus on one problem and only expend the scope as they growth.