Should Product Managers do all their own QA testing?

Luka Kankaras
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There are numerous arguments for having/not having a dedicated QA function... Some people say, it's the PM’s responsibility, and testing is a dirty job that comes first, and no one can test and ensure quality as well as the product manager. Others say the QA testers are lower cost per headcount and it is not the most optimal utilization of a PM’s time. What is your opinion??? See how others voted here: On the other hand, on November 4 (Thu) we are talking about how to avoid annoying your developers and how to reduce 50% QA / UAT time. Reserve your seat here >>>


Ashley Kizlyk
I always think high-level QA should be done by the lead PM. It depends on the client, the project, how deep this goes and it always varies. But I believe strongly delegating expectations to others while owning review of key requirements/core functionality is the best approach for a busy PM!
Junior Owolabi
Engineers should be doing QA, they understand the high and low level, in my corporate role as a PM and engineer we do Test/behaviour driven development