How to take advantage of negative and/or positive feedback?

Luka Kankaras
3 replies
How do you react to negative and positive feedback from customers/users? How do you get the most out of it?


Alina Ihnatiuk
Hey! It's easy to work with positive reviews - always respond with gratitude. If there are negative reviews, it is important to be interested in what exactly the person does not like. You can arrange a survey among users. and most importantly, listen to the audience and work on mistakes.
Ira GI
It is important to handle absolutely any comments. Make a list and discuss with the team. If negative comments are about something specific - work to fix the problem.
Tanya Sharma
We organize our user feedback in 4 categories - What they loved about the product - What they would change about it - New feature ideas - Big bets to explore Most positive feedback is useful for us to define our messaging and build marketing claims. We use negative feedback to prioritize our product roadmap. If the same negative feedback comes up many times, we add it to the very next sprint.