Which department should own the pricing in SaaS companies? and why?

Luka Kankaras
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Hamed Baatour
the answer is it depends! marketing if b2c / sales if b2b. because in both cases whoever is closer to the customer and has a clear understanding of the market needs should estimate where the product stands and how much it's worth compared to all available options and all competitors in any industry.
Kit Fach
@hamedbaatour I definitely agree, I also think a lot of times people closer to the product can undervalue and underprice the product. As someone in the Marketing department I'm constantly arguing for raising prices, even when product is happy to lump a pretty significant feature into the basic plan. I think because product can put more emphasis on the work and effort it took to build, rather than the value it provides to the customer.
Akash Ambade
Sales because they are face of the company to prospects/leads/clients. They know the end user behaviour for real and the actual problems are shared with them. Hence, it's always ideal for them to have inputs on pricing matrix