Should everyone become an entrepreneur?

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With the growing need to build something, is it really that bad to go on with a corporate job? I am all for a side hustle to fuel your passion but this pressure to start up is insane. How do you deal with it? And if you're a startup owner, do you think it's everyone's cup of tea?


Alexey Shashkov
Should everyone become an artist/musician/actor? Of course no=) Only If you want to be an entrepreneur.
@shashcoffe Sure, however, I wish it were that easy. The idea of leaving a corporate job has been glamourized in pop culture. I think what I want to know is, as founders what does it take to see a successful venture and can those skills be learned?
Alexey Shashkov
@yeshaswini I think if you really want something you can learn it. I think those skills can be learned if you want to be a successful entrepreneur.
Nasir Ilyas
It depends on the person and especially their mindset. For some people working 9-5 is the best solution. Before doing a startup, everyone should be aware of the effort which will be needed for success.
Matt West
90% of people probably should not become enterpreneurs...
Siddhesh Lokare
NOPE! I would recommend no one to pursue entrepreneurship unless they have madness inside their minds. Entrepreneurship is a brutal phenomenon of hitting rock bottom 1000 times and then having a few moments of pleasure that last for a negligible duration. Also, entrepreneurship is incomplete without employee contribution. 100% capitalism can never be reached and hence, it's important for people to choose balance if they aim for the same. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. It's chaotic, imbalanced and lovely!
Klajkó Dóra
I think entrepreneurship is a kind of attitude. It is good for someone, but we need a lot of hardworking and enthusiastic coworkers to get things done.
Benoit Chambon
I think you should rephrase your question: "Can everyone become an entrepreneur?" :)
Noel Emmanuel
Starting a startup is a life decision, not a side hustle. To start a startup, you must have a clear vision, goal, mission, and problem you're solving for a large audience.
Noel Emmanuel
And not everyone can be an entrepreneur because workers play a big role in companies especially startups. When starting a startup, you need a team of problem-solving passionate, and skilled people ready to contribute and deliver to you startup.