SHIP advices or recommendations welcome here

Natalie Karakina
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Hi guys! Today we are on SHIP with InAppStory. BUT Organic doesn't work for us :( Share your opinion / advice or some useful tips on HOW TO GET MORE FROM SHIP I see only a few articles on the Internet and want to clarify this point


Rahul Nair
You can create landing page in product hunt share it on all the mediums for awareness of your product launch in product hunt and collect email IDs with call to action button.
Natalie Karakina
@rahul_nair93 working on awareness now, our landing is already launched
Matthew Johnson
IMHO there's no real value in driving people to your Ship page rather than your landing page if you have one. The real value in Ship comes from the paid plans where you can promote to the PH community. Even that will have mixed results due to spam, and also lots of people just subscribe with no real intention of using the product. I wrote up more on our ship experience here and how we get the most out of it