Are you an app owner?

Natalie Karakina
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Tell me more about your app. What plans do you have for the further development of your app?


Andrea Brice
We just completed the Willowfinch MVP and have moved from usability testing to a private, limited beta. I have an extensive roadmap to add data layers and additional variables, as well as income types to the tool, but without customers or investors - that roadmap is just that, a road map. Our current development efforts are entirely focused on the ideal Willowfinch users & customers. Those two might not be the same as the app is as much about supporting financial advisors & realtors in thought leadership as they guide their clients through what I call "the calculus" of the housing question (how much house, where, when, how to purchase) as it is for the consumers who are attacking the housing question on their own. We've just finished some final UI to help guide users through the onboarding process - which was the point of the VERY limited usability study. We kept that group small b/c none of us are UX experts, we needed to get a sense of what was stopping people - and that feedback came very quickly. That drove a round of development we're putting touches on today... I think they're in production. I have to refresh & go check it out. Next round is exploring, discovering, how to reach our target users and to measure if they find value in the product, and if they do, what do we need to do to keep them engaged. The last thing we need to try to figure out are a whole bunch of people we're NOT planning to market to who sign up & then drop off. So, we're working to bring people who are planning to move or planning to retire to our product with a free subscription & free additional properties. That will then determine the next round of development efforts - which we don't actually know what they are because we have just started this effort. So, while the next phase of Willowfinch development isn't in the sexy features, it's focused entirely upon trying to find our customers and delight them with our game of "scenario planning" so they can make better, data-driven, decisions about their next move.
Hey Natalie, We are building Ricotta and Ricotta Trivia for Slack (MS Teams, Discord and Zoom on its way) Ricotta is an easy to use productivity tool that lets you do task management, to-do, standups, OKRs and everything in between right on slack Ricotta trivia is an engagement tool that has a range of casual games and fun trivia to bring offline non-work fun to your remote teams. We are currently building Ricotta Trivia (& Games) for Zoom and Discord and would love PH communities support for our beta launch!
John Allen
Myself along with a few others recently launched the iOS beta version of Lava ( which empowers you to create, share, & discover recorded social audio. The experience has been fantastic. Our community has grown 10x since we launched last month with new connections forming between people each day. We'll build out more social features, enhance the app performance, and scale the community while developing the Android & web versions of Lava to offer a social audio experience like none other. You can download the beta by visiting or pre-order the app by visiting
Lalit Tyagi
Yes we have different app like GIS surveyor app which is already in android studio we working for next phase of marketplace for user to sell services or product around the world.
John Mirochnik
Hi Natalie, My apps are designed for financial services and specifically for stock market research. Company 360 iOS app available on the AppStore: The goal is to find undervalued stocks. Company 360 is a research tool for retail investors that use bare-bones trading platforms. Helps with due diligence on the public company prior to investing. Super Investor Does analysis of user’s stock picks (portfolio) in 3 directions: 1. Check what institutional/fund investors own the same stock(s). 2. Review sentiment (hype) about the stock from multiple online forums (Ex: WallStreetBets). 3. Review short interest (shares borrowed by short-sellers). This approach is for a retail investor looking for a GME like scenario. Note: I just pivoted the app into this direction based on feedback. Prior it was slicing and dicing holdings reports filed by a list of super investors to find what stocks they had in common, trades made and etc. I will add features based on user feedback.
Juliana Matthews
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Jaskiran Kaur
My company develops Mobile Apps and also customized them according to the needs of Business. The apps they have created are CereKart : On-Demand Food Delivery App, Cerehome : On-Demand Home-Service App and others will be launching soon. That are Fleet Management system, Ride and Rental app, Education Management System.
Andrea Brice
Natalie - I completely missed this response. And yes, right now I'm nearing the end of dev on a new feature group which doesn't require personal information, but creates a "batch' of real estate locations a user can peruse and add either individually to their account, or wholesale - to create their heat map. We found users weren't as interested in identifying individual properties themselves. They were excited about the tool and the end result, but the searching for locations wasn't interesting to them. I'm now working with my first user on this new interface based. They gave me a profile of $200K mortgage, 0-100 people per square mile, 4bed, 2 bath, wooded area, with a hospital & grocery store near by. My dataset has been expanded so I can geolocate to meet most, if not all of their criteria. My plan is to return to them options across the U.S. (since they were NOT specific about location) which meets or exceeds their wishes. They can add the info to their map and when / if they update their personal information, they'll have the heat map as the final product. We begin rolling this out in the next number of weeks.