Share your plans for November!

Misha Krunic
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I thought it's very fitting that the 1st of November is on Monday - so in a way a perfect day to share your plans!


Tsz Hoi Lee
We're revamping website and preparing for launch on Product Hunt. Getting excited also a bit nervous! How about you?
Misha Krunic
@tszhoi_19 Hi, Lee! I'm not that close to the launch but I'm also planning to revamp my website. Good luck with the launch!
Margarita Shvetsova
@tszhoi_19 we plan launch for this month too :) I feel it's important to launch before the holiday season hits, isn't it?
Tsz Hoi Lee
@margarita_s88 I think keeping momentum for the last push before new year is great. Momentum is key for making!
For us it's the chunky part of the coding and sorting out the initial marketing for our launch - on some tight deadlines as for both my co-founder and I aren't really available during December!
Harshit Beniwal
Collating feedback from our launch last week ( And excited for our team on-site :D later in the month
Mine is definitely getting feedback and experimenting with Marketing for Would like to know your thoughts as a maker, Misha :)
Margarita Shvetsova
We'll do a PH launch this month! Hope I'll be able to finish everything on time to launch before the holidays! :) what about you, Misha?
Misha Krunic
@margarita_s88 Good luck with the launch! As for me, no launch plans yet, but doing some website revamps and intensifying the testing I'll be doing for my latest project.
Margarita Shvetsova
@price2spy Thank you Misha! :) will you be posting your revamped website for feedback here on PH? :) Curious about your latest project!
Misha Krunic
@margarita_s88 Thanks for asking. I've already posted once and gathered some very valuable feedback. So once I'm done implementing all the changes more likely than not I'll post the updated version!
Margarita Shvetsova
@daniilgdg Thank you Daniil! Sorry I missed your comment - but luckily I didn't miss Tolstoy's launch which was a great success! I really loved the product and plan to use it for our launch :)
ᗰᗩ᙭ ᒍ.
10k+ users for melink!
Samir T
Get early-adopters/testers for my new MVP, in order to build the right features.
Misha Krunic
@samitimez It can be tough, but persistence is key - and then maintaining continuous communication with your early adopters!
Anil Meena
Another 10 paying customers and 20 community setups on Pensil Doubling down on marketing collaboration to spread the word, some smooth improvement in the product for to improve user experience... and And soon launching on PH 🎉
Daniil Glezer
@anil_meena21 how do you guys go about marketing collaboration?
Content, content, content, content! Let's see if we can get some organic traffic going. Mainly all on our revamped blog:
Learn Japanese. Yep. 😳 And also, add blog post to my website + create a new design resources.
If all goes well, will be launching tomorrow! Can't wait!
Alex Miller
Our accelerator (Accelerating Asia) is opening the waitlist for cohort 6. I am planning to help some of Cohort 5 launch on Product Hunt - any suggestions?
Keren Brickman
Launching on Product Hunt!! (We're live right now!!) A bit nervous but it's been super fun so far. How about you?
Misha Krunic
@keren_brickman It can be stressful, I know. Good luck! As for me, I'm finalising some features on my latest project and preparing to do some adjustments on the website!
Galia Ben David
Professionally, we are definitely expecting more customers this month (we've launched on PH just today), so I'm planning to focus on time saving tactics an automations to be able to provide support for all of the new customer! Personally, I'm planning to slow down on social activities and use my free time to wind down and rest 😌
Misha Krunic
@galia_ben_david Good luck! It's a very valuable trait to be able to notice when you need to actually wind down and prevent yourself from getting burned out.
Carsten Pleiser
We're revamping our website, will launch self-onboarding and launch on ProductHunt.
Anett Keresztes
We are preparing everything for a PH launch this month! We are really excited to share our idea with you guys and hopefully, we can get some valuable feedback on the product. How is your November look like? :)
Misha Krunic
@anett_keresztes It's an important date, definitely! Mine will consist of working on my website, and working on the features of my latest project! Also, standard ongoing tasks with other projects.
Alina Ihnatiuk
Our team is at the stage of product launch ... this month we must solve technical, strategic, marketing, investment issues
Ira GI
Visit several events Develop YouTube channel promotion Develop a new marketing strategy
My plan is to open my own business. I hope it will all work out. The point is to create useful interactive maps for business. Right now I am actively looking for a map maker. Maps are an integral part of the marketing industry, as everyone uses maps to find the right store nearby. This is the job of the map maker - to create a perfect map with an exact route.
Josh Cahill
November and December is going to be rough. Me and the teams are into BFCM planning and execution for our organization. God help us