Anti-bot protection - is your website being scraped by competitors?

Misha Krunic
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Are you facing one of the following problems? * Your competitors are taking content from your website? * Your competitors are constantly monitoring your prices? * Your server is overloaded because of too much bot traffic? * Bots trying to add fake user content to your website? We are living in the world of bots, but their traffic is not welcome on our websites for many reasons. What is your experience, is your website being scraped? How can you tell? I started working on a bot protection test service BotMeNot - there is a lot more to be done before the launch day, but I hope for a successful launch soon.


Alexander Moen
my biggest problems in this area tend to be around bot comment posting. But, they may be humans oftentimems because they are getting around current bot tests, but still have the same result in that blog comment sections can sometimes be filled with copy and pasted spam (and I know they are copy and pasted spam comments because often the comment doesn't match the content at all). As for the other scraping issues, it may be just me because I've been mostly in small businesses virtually my entire professional life, but I'd have no idea if I had those problems or not. In small businesses I'm so focused on generating money and plugging random business holes that I really don't have time to check if some of those things are having a negative impact on me. So, I don't know if small businesses are your target audience or not, but if they are then I'd recommend having some sort of mechanism to validate or highlight the problem for a specific account, so that you can say, "hey, you clearly have an issue with xyz, just look at this!"
Misha Krunic
- Actually, preventing bots to post content on your site is even more important than preventing them to scrape your site. What kind of CMS / eCommerce platform do you use? The big ones, like WordPress, usually have plugins (in most cases paid ones) that will analyze the post (based on its content, links, etc) and conclude if it’s fake or not (fake ones will be discarded automatically) - Small VS Enterprise business: I fully understand – when you’re a one-man band, you have to align priorities very carefully. We do expect more clients to come from the Enterprise world (since they do care about content uniqueness more than small businesses). However, we will have some more affordable plans for Small Businesses as well. - It will work just as you described it – we will give you a score – how protected your site is. - If it sounds interesting, and if you do have a bit of time, you would be welcome to be our Beta user