Share your goals for this week!

Misha Krunic
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Hello, PH! Share your goals for this week (any number you may have) so the community can provide some advice or motivation! I'll start: 1. Polish some pages for my latest project 2. Publish my second blog post 3. Update the GUI for the service itself


Amin Mossadek
1. Launch weekly newsletter 2. Publish new blog 3. Release animation explainer video 4. Send update email to customers 5. Publish new coin cast video
Mavlonbek Muratov
@akiracloud Hello Amin. I am a maker of It may be useful for you to create content for weekly newsletters, blog etc. Would love if you can check it out.
Kirman Smith
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Margarita Shvetsova
Hi Misha! Good topic for Monday. Here are some of mine: 1. Polish the article about choosing a localization platform 2. Find a hunter I can get hold of 😁 (planning a PH launch, but the hunters I picked don't reply to me) 3. Plan next OKRs
Mavlonbek Muratov
@margarita_s88 Hello Margarita. I'm a maker of Would love your feedback as a marketer.
1. Attend a few Webinars 2. Type up notes from all other Webinars/ meetings I've been attending the last few months 3. Continue reading the millionare fast Lane
Delphine Emenyonu
1. Double app download 2. Start looking for a developer 3. Spend more time with family as its halfterm here in the UK