Share some of your personal sites!

Jay Remode
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I want to see what your own webpages look like, to take inspiration for my own. What platform do you use? What inspired the design?


Maxwell Davis
This is mine - just charting my journey as I build things 😀
Andrei Petrik
@maxwellcdavis nice, I like your projects section. Nice way to quickly prove that you practice what you preach.
Maxwell Davis
@andrei_petrik2 Thanks! It still needs work, and later in the month I'll have some more flesh on the bones as it were. Well for me I see so many people saying they're doing this and that and I wanted to actually show what that looks like...
Tata Carnatica Tata Carnatica Tata Carnatica is a cutting edge municipality project in Devanahalli, North Bangalore, by Tata Housing. Propelled via Carnatic music, and thus the venture is named Carnatica. Spread on 140 sections of land; it is a forthcoming task having lofts and plots. Swaram is the new send off of premium plots.
This site just started in 2022 but include much of my love and effort in
L Ma I built a notebook website using Hugo, with backlinks, command palettes, and note connection graphs.
Jay Remode
@l_ma Yo this is sickkkk. How long did it take to build?
L Ma
@jay_remode well, the theme itself is easy. The contents are something I started to build since 2019.
Manu Paajanen
Our own site: Made also with our Oidom platform.
PR - wordpress! wanted to take a shot at this particular design style.
This is my site. Launching in PH soon.
Reece Jones
Every Sunday I write about learning to become an adult haha. I call it "The Path to Resilience" inspired by my personal shortcomings.
Ahmed Bilal
duct cleaning services website of mine: