Question to all founders and managers: What tools do you use to manage your business expenses?

Pranav Harish
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I'm new to the fintech space and I'd love to know more about some tools/software that help manage business expenses and improve the efficiency of your finance and accounting teams. What tools do you use for: - managing your business expenses - sales, marketing, product expenses, etc - paying for software and other subscriptions - employee reimbursement and claims - accounting automation - travel and miscellaneous expenses Eager to know and learn more from you all. Thanks guys :)


Barbra Williams
What about tracking your sales
Pramod Rao
-Google Sheets to track expenses (we're a team of 6 so it is manageable on Sheets) for paying for software / subscriptions (this is a India specific product I think) -Quickbooks for accounting/invoices etc
Pallavi Jaisinghani
One tool to do it all- manage, track, analyse
Kaushal Gajjar
Zoho Books is the one of the amazing tool to manage all your expenses. It can help you in managing - Recurring Subscription Expenses, - Employee Salaries, - Track the category wise expenses and - many other hidden gems. It will also show your Income/Outcome graphs and that will help you how you are moving with your company/product.
Carlo Thissen
@kaushal_im This actually looks like a gem. Thanks for sharing, Kaushal. Do you have a recommendation at which company size it makes sense switching to such a tool?
Kaushal Gajjar
@carlo_thissen I am running a company with the team of 40, I hope this will helps you in making decision. Zoho Books can be helpful for any size of company starting from 2 Employees to 200. It's must have app for any business to manage the finance of the business. We are managing a single penny with Books and everything is crystal clear. Happy to help if you have more queries. 🤝
Carlo Thissen
@kaushal_im Thanks for the detailed answer Kaushal! I'm having a deeper look into it right now. Would love to reach out with more questions in case they come up. Thinking about this topic for a while now and you might have just brought me to that tipping point of taking action.
Katie Kuzin
We use Gusto for many of the things you mention at AllVision
Jeremy Bradley is a simple to use tool for managing employee reimbursements and claims and most personnel costs.