What are the best tools that help improve your team productivity?

Pranav Harish
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Vivek Ranjan
Most collaboration software is also productivity software IMO - the likes of G suite, Slack, project management
Mayank Mishra
Hey Vivek, check out Poppins Slack app ( Poppins.me ) it is pretty good for team productivity without context switching
I'd recommend to check out TMetric, a time tracking app which is good to use to manage a team (remote and at the office) and measure their productivity. Besides, it integrates with the most popular systems such as JIRA, Trello, Asana, Notion, Monday, etc.
David Miller
Hey there! I’ve been using ProProfs Project (https://www.proprofsproject.com/) to ease team management. Its solid collaboration features such as instant messaging, task comments, and file sharing help improve the team's overall productivity. You can try its 15-day free trial version and see if it suits your project and team needs.