Pros and Cons of Developing Hardware vs Software... Go!

Glen Creaser
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There are most certainly strong opinions on both sides, and there are many obvious pros and cons that jump out at a first glance. I want to hear some things that aren't so obvious, or you wouldn't think about right away. I'm excited to hear from everyone on this topic!


Ilia Pikulev
As per the question, I am trying to outline the LEAST obvious ones :) Hope the below ones qualify as such: Hardware pros: + Investors are usually visual fellas, so, as long as you have images of your prototype, it's easier to get their involvement; + You can participate in home/car/plane/etc. shows to promote your product; + Hardware usually uses standards which are robust and reliant and tested for years; Hardware cons: - Hardware developer needs to think about security, as the hardware might be easily hijacked; - In certain situations, the hardware might depend on too many external factors (current, connection, humidity, temperature, shakes/hits, etc.); - Hiring a hardware developer in your team is usually expensive; Software pros: + You can collect stats easier/faster/more detailed/etc. + More documentation on the Internet (not only manuals, but also articles, 'Stack overflow' questions, etc.) because of the bigger community; + Big employees base as there are more software graduates than hardware ones; Software cons: - In software, there is no standard how to create an API, so if you use many of those, you will need to spend a significant amount of time to connect all of them together; - There is more attention to user interface design needed in software (usually because there are more controls in software than on hardware... Usually...); - Software developers should faster react to the changes in the worlds as the competition is usually high in their niche;