Product Hunt post template

Matthew Johnson
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Hey everyone - we are about to launch here. I wanted to get feedback on our Product Hunt posting so I put all the fields into a Google doc to share around before we finalize. I thought it might be helpful for anyone else thinking of launching so decided to share. I've also included some tips I've come across previously in the comments to help you along the way. Here it is. Feel free to make a duplicate and fill it in for your upcoming launch.


Audrey Rampon
Thanks! This is nice of you to share, and surely it'll help other makers! 💯 Best of luck for your upcoming launch as well!
robiul haque
through this information, the new product makers will get useful information and guidelines from here.
Rodela Rahman
this information is good.thank you very much
Nik Hazell
Thanks so much for this @mattcrail - it's brilliant!
Siddhesh Lokare
This is the best checklist and resources for understanding PH launch from scratch. Cannot thank you enough for this. Grateful to the team!
Nathan Challen
Excellent work @mattcrail! I am sure this type of doc has been prepared at least 1000 times but you were generous enough to share the research. Thank you!