Do you use a simple task manager like Microsoft To Do/Google Tasks etc? Would love your input 😀

Matthew Johnson
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Hello PH 👋 We are working on a task management feature in our product, and are looking for to speak with people that currently use a simple task manager. If you fit that bill and have 20 mins this week I'd love to talk to you! Email me ( or hit me up here. Thanks in advance!


I use a combo of emailing myself, setting reminders, Trello, Slackbot reminders :) it works
Matthew Johnson
Hi @abadesi I'd be really interested in learning more about how you navigate this and why it works well for you. Would you have 20 mins this week for a quick call?
@mattcrail Sorry I don't have time to help with interviews right now but ask away here and I'll answer when I can :)
Teekay Rezeau-Merah
Not anymore. I used to waste more time trying to organize "task managers" than doing actual work. I'm very organized so I personally don't need those. Notes proved to be helpful when I have many things to do.
Andrew Tye
I love Microsoft To-Do and use it all the time. Love the simplicity.
Matthew Johnson
@awt Would you have time for a quick chat on what you like about Microsoft To-Do by chance?
Vasishta Chary
i use a combination of Notion and Akiflow along with Google Calendar to manage my tasks on a day to day basis