Pre-launch using Ship. Any tips?

Hi! I am preparing for the prelaunch on the ProductHunt. I have found a pretty handy tool from PH called Ship. There are several templates to choose from and lots of information to add. After that the product appears in the "Upcoming products" section. Could you share your experience in pre-launching with Ship on Product Hunt? Any ideas on which template works best? Any other pieces of advice will be highly appreciated.


Maxwell Davis
Also interested to see responses πŸ˜€
Anastasiia Holiachenko πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
@maxwellcdavis Hi! Yep, that's a kind of intriguing question. Hoping to get any pieces of advice soon :)
Matthew Johnson
I wrote a blog on using Ship a while back The tl;dr is the tool itself isn't that useful. If you do pay to promote your page you get lots of spam subscribers, and most people aren't really all that interested in what you're working on. Honestly it probably isn't worth the time and effort to set it up and instead focus on building your product and driving potential users to your own website.
Matthew Johnson
@anastasiia_holiachenko No problem. Not trying to be a hater, because I love PH. But Ship just doesn't live up to its potential.