Podcast recommendations?

Hi! A huge pity to me, but I have never listened to podcasts in my life giving a preference to videos, articles, books, etc. So now I am going to open this whole new world to me. Any recommendations? Work-related/food/politics/movies/books/anything


Kasper Kerem
The sad truth with podcasts - too many of them. It is hard to choose and even harder to recommend. If you had any very narrow and specific topic, it would be easier, but even then not simple. I prefer books and audiobooks over podcasts.
Anastasiia Holiachenko 🇺🇦
@kasper_kerem I understand you. There is a wide variety of podcasts! That is why it was easier for me for a long time to focus on other stuff.
Ricardo Moreira
I love Freakonomics podcast. It's a bit about everything and you learn a lot and it's easy to digest( depending on the subject of course).
Graeme O’Connor
On the startup / fundraising side i can recommend the following - How I built this with Guy Raz for stories of how great companies were born (really relaxed and low-ego style, great for motivation and inspiration) - 20minVC for relatively short interviews of founders and VCs, full of tactical tips and playbooks - Acquired for stories of big companies from inception to sale / IPO and analysis of how successful the outcome was - Tech Stuff for explaining how technologies work in really simple terms - Indie Hackers for interviews of people who have bootstrapped (e.g. built companies without external funding) - Tim Ferris for general life and wellbeing tips / inspiration Enjoy!
Ricardo Moreira
@iamgoconnor We sure like the same podcasts. I just suggested the Freakonomics but I love Indie Hackers and Tim Ferris. I think they are my top 3. With that in mind, I will give the others a go. Thanks Graeme
Ricardo Moreira
@iamgoconnor can you send me the link of the tech stuff? can't seem to find it
Graeme O’Connor
@mugas11 sure - this one is for spotify but you can find it elsewhere https://open.spotify.com/show/57...
Yaroslava Antipina 🇺🇦
I adore podcasts. Yeah, there are a lot of them & preferences might be changed from time to time. My favorite ones for today; - Founders - every week a biography of an entrepreneur - Make sense (in Russian) - everything on how to grow your product to the company - The Intelligence - daily news podcast from the Economist. Love it. - Fareed Zakaria GPS - for those who adore foreign affairs & global policies - Kult: Podcast (in Ukrainian) - all culture things: from philosophers to writers. Enjoy!
Loads of great ones already - the one I find very genuine is the Wannabe Entrepreneur by @tiagorbf
Kevin Smith
Hey @anastasiia_holiachenko, there are sooo many great ones :) My favorites at the moment are: - The Lex Fridman Podcast - The Knowledge Podcast - YC Startup School Here are some great episodes to get your started: - Lex Fridman w. the founder of Instagram: https://share.snipd.com/episode/... - The Knowledge Podcast w. Naval Ravikant: https://share.snipd.com/episode/... - YC Startup School about how to find product market fit: https://share.snipd.com/episode/...