Post BlackFriday Apocalypse 😈 What's the damage to your wallets?

Aleks Bochkov
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Did you get a good deal on anything valuable? πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„


Just in case the wife reads this I don't think I should disclose....
Maciej Cupial
I bought the Product Hunt Founder Club subscription with a 50% discount and I'm extremely happy :)
My one guilty pleasure is gaming, so definitely some damage to my Steam wallet...
Aleks Bochkov
@justana What kind of games are you playing on Steam?
@bochkovaleks Just bought a few more DLCs from the Elder Scrolls series, apart from that I'm pretty old school - Max Payne, NWN, Titan Quest and such :)
sdasdasf fasfsafasd
Hey Aleks, I managed to snag some great deals on Black Friday, but thankfully didn't cause any Severe Damage to my wallet in the process! How about you?