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Hi folks, would love to get some suggestions on good podcasts that delve into marketing, investing and advertising.


Hey @yeshaswini! I would definitely recommend My First Million. The name is kinda cringe but I can assure you it's worth a listen. The guys discuss a lot of interesting & unique ideas, including cool marketing/growth strategies, investing and (sometimes) advertising. A lot of very practical advice for building businesses in general! 😀
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@richard_francis2 haah sure! thanks, Richard. I will definitely give it a listen
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The BOSS Podcast with Gregory Shepard. Greg is a long-time friend, so i'm biased. But the podcast focuses on startup funding, lifecyce stages, early product fit, and avoiding common startup mistakes.
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@martin_bickford aah that sounds interesting. lemme check it out
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Cool everyday hacks (short podcasts)
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Stacking Benjamins is a good one
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I have to plug HackerPod, the podcast where @aprilynne and I go over what's working for our startups, and what's not. We are very transparent, and are teaching what we learn along the way (this week we learned about Fundraising from @wrgoto) Hope you give it a shot :) Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode... Substack: https://hackerpod.substack.com/p...
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Do you hear about the "On Strategy" podcact?
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How I Built This has some great case studies on all of these: https://www.npr.org/podcasts/510...
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This week in Startups of JCal -- It is worth much more than an MBA from the most prestigious school
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Awario Marketing Talk is one of the most recent findings: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/po...