Please help me find a Social Media Content Scheduling App that combines Buffer with Hypefurry

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So basically, I'm looking for a SoMe Scheduler where I can keep all my SoMe content in one place. Only problem is, I can't find one that supports both: Instagram Carousel posts (Buffer) Twitter Threads (Hypefurry)


Junior Owolabi
Have you checked out Hootsuite? I use them but as a solo SaaS founders, I rarely have time to think up post ideas, let alone schedule them.
Jaskiran Kaur
I have used Buffer and it is good for Twitter and LinkedIn. You can see analytics as well.
Dawn Veltri
My understanding is that there isn't a scheduler that can do carousel posts other than Facebook Business Suite. They are only capable of sending you a reminder to post a multi image post. It is beyond annoying. I spent all of September messaging every scheduler out there trying to find one, and they all said that it's not possible at this time. Does Buffer actually allow this, or are they just sending you a posting reminder?
@dawn_veltri1 No, unfortunately it's just a reminder, but they do allow you to schedule the carousel posts up front, which many services I've seen don't even offer. I remember a few years back, Buffer supported posting them, but it must've been restricted for everyone. For me, the post reminder is fine since I post 2 times a day now. I just manually post my carousel posts in the day and ordinary images when I sleep. The thing is, I'm trying to get a scheduler to be able to both schedule Carousel posts AND Tweet Threads at the same place, so I can stockpile all my long form content in one place. If anyone else sees this, feel free to fix the problem with a tool. I'll pay to use it! :D