Perks for ProductHunt launch?

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I'm planning a product launch. Wondering what perks to offer users coming in from PH. The product is free to use, so premium plan discounts don't apply. I was actually thinking of offering the first 100 users who upvote a custom sticker pack delivered via post. How does that sound? Any other symbolic perks I can offer that you'd love to get?


Michael Silber
It's hard to say without knowing the product or space. Also, I would think about what is your core goal. Is this just a thank you or are you hoping for some promotion from these early adopters? What would a fan of your product get excited about based off the persona you're building for? One random idea, maybe you could add a web3 wallet connect and airdrop them an "early adopter" badge
We've got a similar dilemma with our Twitch extension as it's a free product too. We were going to offer a "Founder" badge/status that they can keep and use on our channel and Discord.