Early stage marketing - where to hire someone?

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I know all sorts of websites for hiring marketers, but all of them are for services related to already established businesses (SEO, PPC, social ads, etc.). Where's a good place to find people for early-stage marketing? To post in various places. Help you refine your target audience. To engage people on Twitter. I have a hunch that they might not exist and that that's another of the many jobs founders have to do. But who knows, maybe there's a place.


Sergio Zaciu
upvoting because I'd love to see what people answer
Paul VanZandt
I'd look on UpWork - there are a ton of freelance workers available there for various price ranges so you can try out multiple options.
Fabian Maume
It will depend on your budget. If you have a low budget reach out to your local marketing university to hire some students. That will delay the time to result as the hire will need some training time but it will be a really flexible option. If you have a budget hire freelancers or agencies. That can give results quickly. Just make sure to hire an agency with experience with early-stage startups (it required quite a specific type of marketing).