OKRs, agile, and other planning frameworks for PERSONAL life. How do you plan your 2022 year?

Lisa Dziuba
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Hey, awesome Product Hunt community! I'm working on my year plan and looking for a better framework to do it. Last year I used daily sprints and Google Spreadsheets with tasks in each life area. This year I'm thinking to use OKRs for personal life for a quarter or quarterly planning for 2022. How do you plan your year?


Notebook 📒 + plans.
Still kind of figuring that out at the moment - I've never been great at going after goals I've set, I tend to get distracted so I may need to think of something more short term and flexible.
Lisa Dziuba
@maxwellcdavis that's why long-term 12 months goals are hard to achieve, it's so easy to get distracted
i do just have to learn from you
Klein Udumaga
I actually use a physical notepad then automated reminders and schedules on my google calendar.
Dmytro Kovalenko
Looking for a solution now. Long-term goals have been hard for me to keep up, cause often there are lots of distractions along the way as well as circumstances are constantly changing. However, I came up with this pattern with my family that worked pretty good so far: - writing down goals/wants/needs by project/life-area - prioritizing the most important ones - writing them down by days so far the above simple approach works. The key is to have a layout by the calendar. Oh, and bonus tip, if it's something super quick, like "to make a phone call.." for example, I try to do it instantly.
Valeria Migova
I prefer to use online whiteboard Weje. It helps me write, plan, and get organized on easy way.
Luke Button
Use Notion and then automate as many of the reminders, logging, and calendar updates to make it impossible to forget. Still figuring it out, but I try to work backward from what habit or habits will help me reach my goal and then do those every day.