Netflix shows that are a mini MBA

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I'll start - Suits. Suits has some crazy lessons on how to work in a competitive environment and work around difficult bosses and manipulative colleagues.


Haha, that was the time I wanted to become a corp. attorney like Harvey. Didnt choose that career path but chose more or less the same league of uni. Royal Pain influenced me also quite heavy - but not in the mba way ^^ so there was a phase in which I thought about becoming a doctor :D such shows have a heavy influence on me :DD
@robinkunz hahaha me too! Imagine watching How To Get Away With Murder and then actually getting away with one... XD
Somnath Sandeep
hahaha, i'd like to know more of these. as of now, i've only watched silicon valley (not completely informative, more of edutainment). lmk if you've got more shows to share @yeshaswini
I also would vote for Suits , also House of Cards is amazing but it is more about the politics of the States and the Internal Diplomacy of the white house.
Molly O'Neill
@robinkunz. I just launched a new community called Bingeworthy so there is a single place to discuss the latest binges from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. Open to all and you can sign in with social accounts. Also, check out Startup currently on Netflix.