MongoDB Atlas or Local?

Saniru Rajapaksha
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As a Developer who uses MongoDB, do you guys use MongoDB atlas or local MongoDB database for production?


Shawn Mclean
Depends on what you're doing. If it's for an MVP, go with Atlas. They can help you manage your infra until you need your own.
Jonathan Massabni
Same as @shawn_mclean, it depends. Altlas is great to start, easy setup.
do not use mongodb at all, if you must check ibm compose
Ravi Sharma
MongoDB Atlas provide 512 Mb of storage space on the free tier. This is good enough to create a MVP. My website is using the free tier of MongoDB and I have found it quite beneficial for quick setup. Further, we were also using it on Production in my previous organization, It provides good analysis tools and performance suggestions for the query executed (though on the Paid tier). You can also upgrade to the latest version of MongoDB easily & hassle-free. Would recommend using Atlas if you are starting new.
Emily Melhuish
It's always way easier to buy someone else's servers. If you're looking to get something up quickly, Atlas is the way to go. In general, buy don't build unless you _have_ to.