Is it worth hustling?🤔

Saniru Rajapaksha
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Everyone says keep hustling, do not give up, work on your idea until it takes off, and so on. We must work hard, hustle but what if we work hard on an idea that is useless and not even gonna take off? How we can validate that an idea is worth working on?


Jonathan Garreis
100% but you need to find a balance! For example, you can do sports on the side!
My advice would be to start small and build from there! Validate the idea, then the designs, then an MVP, then features, etc. At every step, ask your friends and family for feedback. As you build your idea even more, you can open it up to a few people online and continue validating. Good luck! I believe in the hustle :)
Saniru Rajapaksha
@allison_mui Thanks for the advice! I struggle at the idea validation phase. I have tried FB groups, Reddit, and some specific communities. None of them seems to be working effectively. Do you have any advice for this?
@saniru_nayanaja it definitely depends on how you're going about getting feedback. My project is on productivity so I spend my time on r/productivity and r/getdisciplined. I don't advertise my project all the time, but just participate and engage b/c I'm genuinely interested in the community. Every now and then, I'll encounter someone's anecdote that relates to my project and use it as inspiration/further validation. Sometimes, I also get the chance to suggest my project as a recommendation! You could also try local colleges. That's going to be my next step! A lot of colleges run research programs where you can test your ideas and offer a small incentive (sometimes, a pizza lol or $5) to gather feedback. Sometimes, you gotta spend money to make money!
Hemant Warier
There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The amount of hustle you put in will depend on a variety of factors, including your industry, your business model, and your goals. That said, there are a few things to consider before deciding if hustling is worth it for you. First, consider the potential rewards. What could you achieve if you put in the extra effort? Increased profits? More customers? Greater exposure? Once you know what you’re working toward, the path becomes clearer. Second, look at what you’re doing now. Is it possible to do better? If so, what will you need to do differently? This might be a question of adding new features or improving your existing product. Or maybe it’s about giving your existing customers more value. There are no limits on how far you can go as long as you have the resources and the desire to make it happen.