Idea for a new Online Presence Management System

Saniru Rajapaksha
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I have an idea to develop an online presence management system. More like what you see today as social media management systems like HootSuite or Buffer but not limited to just social media and with more features. But I feel like this product also would be just a failed product because of Giants already in the field like HootSuite and Buffer. Do you think an online presence management system would have the potential to be succeeded on the market? Do you have a missing feature or a problem with a social media management system that is already on the market? Need more insights on this.


Bogomil Shopov - Бого
What is the use-case here? What is the value proposition compared to what is already on the market?
Saniru Rajapaksha
@bogomep business owners feel like their online presence is scattered everywhere on the internet these days. It's really hard to review all the comments, replies, feedbacks on every channel and actively engage with customers/users. The value proposition is this system has more features. Like an auto replying bot for users' comments and messages, and more like that.