MIcro SaaS - How do you decide and start working on an idea?

Akash Wadhwani
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I have been struggling to pinpoint an idea and before diving deep into it.


Fabian Maume
Can you provide the SaaS as consulting service first? That is what I used before launching https://www.qapop.com/. I offer the data as part of a consulting service to check the potential. That allow you to have a mvp without landing page and start collecting user feedbacks.
@fabian_maume agree. I’ve been consulting clients on digital marketing for years now and have a note book of all the pain points. I’ve slowly built some internal MVP’s via code, nocode and automations. This then shows me what I should put my energy into based on the clients usage of the build
Pritam Chougale
hey I was listing to the Kunal Shah the founder of CRED and I remember one of his line. Pitch/tell your idea to your friends and family and Ask if they will pay for it. (You can replace friends/family with any community here.) Don't look for ideas over the internet.
Abhishek Singh
@pritam91 I think a better question would be "How much they could pay for it at max?" :)
Hey Akash, I am building a Saas to solve the very problem. Due to the current quarantine situation, we are not able to explore & get new ideas.Also, if the process of finding ideas left for epiphanies or scratching personal itches; it'll make the hustling a bit stagnant.So, I decided to build Eurekea for solving this. We at Eurekea are providing a dataset of 250K+ Saas, apps & sidehustles from last decade to get you inspired.I've listed few use cases in FAQ section to help the guys stuck on "IDEATING" in Sass. Do checkout the site & share your feedbacks : https://www.eurekea.org/
Akash Wadhwani
@aayush4vedi Eurekea, seems like a brilliant idea and does fill the necessary GAP. But, I have my reservations about paying for a list of apps. Admire the hard work, genuinely!
Amit Tank
Hey Akash, I started working on Pigeon 🐦 in September 2020. I observed the need of the product in the market. Asked about 200+ people for feedback that if we make such product would they use it. We got good response and started building the SaaS tool. You can have a look as our product is live. SaaS is the new tech in next decade. Check : joinpigeon.com