What inspired you to become a maker? 🤔 💪

Akash Wadhwani
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Sophia Benhaddou
Freedom, curiosity, love for learning, starting from scratch, being out of my confort zone, hate for 9-5/corporate fakeness made of ego wars, burning my wings but still being able to fly somehow...
yong wang
I just want to find a different way to live
Nick Duncan
My mom started a business of renting out Sega games when I was young. My entrepreneurial spirit was ignited at that point.
Piotr Gaczkowski
I always wanted to develop the lifestyle of my dreams without having to conform to the 9-5 rat-race mentality. And since I love creating and have a lot of ideas, at some point I figured out I can start building products and sharing them with people. The beutiful thing is that now I can build things that I always wanted to have while at the same time helping others. This feels really empowering!